Chrysler Parts Counter Advisor

West Springfield, MA

Position Description: Parts Counterperson

Functions: Competencies:

Customer Relations Adaptability

Interdepartmental Relations Analysis

Parts Ordering Continuous Improvement

Inventory Management Judgment

Quality Control Organizing and Planning

Sales/Marketing Teamwork

Sales Analysis Communication

Reports To: Parts Manager, or May Vary According to Dealership

Required Skills:

Ability to receive customers, establish rapport, and determine and

attend to customers’ needs

Ability to match customers’ needs with appropriate parts or


Knowledge of automotive systems in general

Knowledge of and ability to monitor inventory in order to

determine which parts require special ordering

Knowledge of parts counter procedures, such as requiring

prepayment for special orders, etc.

Ability to search part numbers or to use the computer and standard


Ability to monitor bins and determine which parts need reordering

Ability to accurately track parts

Ability to monitor lost sales for inventory control

Ability to assist the Parts Manager in analyzing and resolving

discrepancies between computer inventory and actual parts on


Knowledge of procedures for ordering special parts or parts with

no published part numbers

Ability to identify and acknowledge the receipt of warranty (used)


Work Orientation


Much customer contact

Much computer work

Much contact with people in all dealership departments

Position Description: Parts Counterperson

Position Summary

The Parts Counterperson:

Contributes to managing inventory and ordering parts and works to meet customers’ needs.

Is strong interpersonally, establishing rapport with customers in person and on the phone and

asking questions that help to locate the needed parts or service and any related parts or service

in which customers might be interested.

Must know which parts are in inventory, require reordering, or must be specially ordered.

Assists the manager in resolving discrepancies between the computer inventory and the actual

parts available in bins.

Obtains the information needed to place special orders and ensures that the correct parts are


Must research the availability of certain parts, either within the retail facility or from other

sources as necessary, and must be able to search part numbers using the computer or standard


Is aware of seasonal requirements for parts that arise as a result of recalls or specials in the

Service Department.

What the Worker Is Like

The Parts Counterperson:

Has a general understanding of automotive systems.

Has the ability to use inventory information on a computer screen and can locate parts by

checking parts numbers and locating them in the bins.

Must communicate clearly in person and on the phone and must be willing to initiate calls to

customers to give and receive information.

Must be alert to sales opportunities by taking the time to ask customers questions and provide

information about parts and services.

Is able to effectively communicate with all other departments in the dealership.

Is able to work independently, managing his or her time and work flow.

What the Work Is Like

The work of the Parts Counterperson:

Is detail-oriented in that this person maintains, monitors, and continually updates the parts

inventory for the dealership.

Entails frequently inputting and checking information on the computer and verifying the

computer inventory by physically checking parts in the parts storage bins.

Entails over-the-counter sales of parts and special ordering parts for customers and for the

Service Department.

Involves ensuring that parts arrive, that they are the correct parts, and that those who ordered

them know of their arrival.